Cogniversity - is a post-university.
The university provide a single point of assembly and teach all customized for it. University reflects the structure of the universe, which is one God, one point of view, one person. Even knowing the world, we inevitably sink in anthropological (ego) centrism.
Uni-verse - "one version"
Ab-solut - "from a single"
Russian again excelled, Univerciry in Russian called "Vselennaya" -"All-lated" - "all houses" - it is closer to Everett's multiverse.

Cogniversity - it means the assembly of the Cogniverse - World - Intelligent Universe , where the assemblage point is not declared a priori, but is dynamically generated from a particular need. Cogniversity studies-Explore the world in conjunction with the Intelligent Universe and involves in-game knowledge of other people.

In cogniversity schools children will first explore ways of knowing, and only then - arrays of facts. With an arsenal of cognitive techniques, students will be much easier to perceive and absorb factual information immediately are interrelated and it lay on the shelves.